Parent Welcome Letter

Dear Parents,

When your child brings home a book from the library, please help him or her with the following things:

1.     Help to develop a love of reading by enjoying the book with your child. Spend time with the television off so that you may enjoy reading together.

2.     Remind your child to have clean hands when reading books, to use a bookmark, and to turn the page from the upper right-hand corner.

3.     Help your child find a good, well-lighted place to read.

4.     Remind your child to return books on time.

5.     Send damaged books to school for repair.  Please do not mend library books at home.

6.     Help your child to find a place for his/her library book that is out of reach of pets or little brothers or sisters.

7.     Give your child a plastic bag in which to carry his/her book when returning it in bad weather.

Looking forward to a wonderful year,

Ms. Zwiebel 

 School Library Media Specialist